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On and on we move… Friends of Arco transforms into MMOVE !



The countdown is on and it will not be long, till the summer season 2016 starts. Friends of Arco is ready to go, and has a few big surprises for you. For example, they will celebrate their 15th anniversary this year.

That's not all ... they will renew their image by changing name and Friends of Arco transforms into Mmove - into nature. The double 'M' stands for mountains, movement, manpower, memories and especially for magic moments with you.


Why? In past years our outdoor activities program has expanded greatly and we don’t work anymore only in the area around Arco. We guide in the Dolomites, in Sardinia, in Sicily and even outside Italy and Europe. This requires a new and dynamic name, a new web site and new communications strategy.


But do not worry, for the rest we are still the same: same team, same office and same desire for fun and outdoor adventure!


We are waiting for you!


  • Friends of Arco srl - La Scuola di Alpinismo

  • Via Legionari Cecoslovacchi, 12 I-38062 Arco (TN)
  • tel +39 0464 532828 - fax +39 0464 532828
  • cell. +39 334 2193862 - cell. +39 335 5628862
  • info@friendsofarco.it
  • P.Iva 01763590229
  • Chalet delle Guide

  • Parcheggio Camping Arco
  • Via Legionari Cecoslovacchi, 12
  • loc. Prabi – Arco (TN)